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Oct 10, 2012 8:00pm EDT
vast reserves of coal and there is the ability to mine it. there's also technology that changes over time and opportunities. so if there was this national energy policy can we certainly want to look and see if this is right for montana. but it's sort of the tragedy in some respects. i certainly don't think we stop doing things in developing resources hoping for that national policy. when there's a national policy, if there is a national policy at some point, i'll say does this fit with montana? we can also develop so many other ways. the price of coal in our area, in the river basin is substantially in the last year. natural gas has become not much more available. so we don't even know what the next three years are going to look like. as governor, i'll certainly be open to all the opportunities and challenges to do it correctly. >> mr. hill. hill: first of all, it is a great but mr. bullock's decision. i agree with the governor who pointed out to steve at the time that we were receiving between two and three times the appraised value of the state hired an appraiser to value the coal
Oct 8, 2012 8:30pm EDT
educators today, ma we grew up with typewriters. they are using wi-fi. they are using technology. many of them say that they never even have an opportunity to read a book through technology. and why? maybe we are providing the support and training that we need for the 21st century. we are trying to do things the way we have always done it. and in education, we are slow to change. with all the facts that i presented before you. [inaudible] >> with all of the changes that you see, we are slow to change in education. we don't want to change. [inaudible] >> okay. in terms of solutions, one of them is partnerships. and as we look at partnerships, most districts actually disguise partnerships as one way receiving, as one way gifting. now think about it. if we're in a recession, and with a large budget cuts, and with the feeling rules, why are we really looking at true partnership? and when i say to partnerships, what would it look like interracial with businesses? childcare, public schools, workforce development, all coming together and providing indigent children and families with full day
Oct 9, 2012 8:00pm EDT
nuclear weapons in the former soviet union but on the new imaging technology that enables us to detect breast cancer center and saving countless women's lives because he did that. [cheering and applause] it gets better. all this time since he was a little boy, and his siblings were making a living as farmworkers. he wanted to be an restaurant. he was turned down not once not twice, but 11 times on the twelfth try they said yes. he's been to outer space. the international space station. [cheering and applause] i think the democratic party, if you listen to shelly's story, steven's story, if you hear the story about coming here from the south, if you listen to harry reid's search light story, if you think about all these people, we all just started as people. and we got in to politics because we thought the purpose of politics was to make it possible for people to pursue their own dreams. [cheering and applause] because we know that the most successful societies on earth today are not the ones which pit government against business. we're working together to do what each does best to empo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3